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Cookies, Spells & Tolling Bells

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Cookies, Spells, and Tolling Bells

Release Date: December 30, 2020

Something about Summerhaven’s historic church gives Tamsyn the willies, and she’s pretty sure it’s not just her fear of being burned at the stake as a witch. Even so, when the cool new priest asks her to bake cookies for the dedication of a new church bell, it’s hard to say no. But when a body is discovered during the ceremony along with a ghost in distress, it seems Tamsyn’s uneasiness wasn’t so unfounded after all.

Between solving a cold case and pursuing a surprising connection to her mother, Tamsyn already has her hands full. However, life at the Pinecroft Inn is never that simple. Aunt Gwen’s magic has gone all wonky, for starters. Plus, Aunt Gwen’s boyfriend is teaming up with Noah for some secret shenanigans, with a little supernatural help from Lillian and Gus.

Then there’s the fact that while the inn’s guest list looks like a who’s who of America’s upper crust, Tamsyn can’t shake the suspicion something fishy is going on as floor boards creak and keys go missing in the dead of night. To make matters even worse, there’s a funny smell coming from the chimney. If Tamsyn doesn’t get to the bottom of it all soon, they’ll be lucky if the whole island isn’t blown to smithereens.

Will Tamsyn figure out what’s really going on at the island church before it’s too late?

Don’t miss the fifth book in the Witches of Pinecroft Cove series of paranormal cozy mysteries!


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