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The first thing I wanted to be when I was little was a writer, but everyone said you couldn't make a living doing that, so I went to college instead. Where I studied theater costuming. I'm surprised no one told me you couldn't make a living doing that either. Maybe they were trying to be polite. Eventually, I followed it up with a degree in business, which technically you can make a living at, but--as I discovered after several years--not a very exciting one. 

Half a lifetime later? I'm lucky enough to be back to the whole being-a-writer thing. If I'd done it from the beginning, who knows, maybe I'd be as famous as Stephen King and could own my own magical island in Maine instead of writing about one from my dining room table in central Massachusetts. Hey, there's always next year.

When I'm not writing or at the beck and call of my two fluffy feline fur balls, you can find me dressed in vintage costume on my way to a ball or perusing antique cookbooks for the perfect recipe to make for hosting my next Victorian afternoon tea. Yes, I know, my hobbies are a little odd.

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